Text 25 Jun merriment incarnate

We are the dancing few
merriment incarnate
falling carelessly into oblivion with parched tongues
if t’were a twilight morning dew
hand in hand we abide side by side
living breathing kneeling before that timid notion within our frail minds
we smile blissfully at empty hands that stretch across out-lain lands unseen
covered blankets of sky-kept sea and unriven caverns within mountainous piles of dust
we cast our sail upon waves of fermented hope turned malleable
by the shadows of the unconcealed irreconcilable storms of fact
laughing, loving, praying silently to none that may answer in kind
and yet together we few rage forth
with dampened eye-lashed hands
hand in dripping hand side by side we abide
unified imagination
a dream of a still and quiet happiness
we are merriment incarnate
we are the dancing few
fools embracing

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