Text 26 Jun Goodbye Tomorrow

Goodbye tomorrow, I’ll see you around…

And this lover here
right here,
I see you there now,
seeing back.
I don’t know you.
I’ll try to…
I think I like your flesh.
You and I continue to lie
holding on to nothing’s nothings
similar but differing
neat and untrue
and this is why I can’t say that I love you.
What evil fuck warps truth like that?-
Living apart
together alone
sincere and untrue
but together embodied
The things that we share
cock and cunt
as our words in the air form graspless shadows
discourteous and soft
promises that seem fluid get lost
in unrefined memory
brought back-
to bite-
us both in the ass-
The truth is
our lies lay vibrations in the air
all of their intent
uncertainly lost when decrypt
betwixt my ears.
But at least I know
what I know
is you’re here.
I know my flesh
it touches something,
I think it’s you
and genuinely want to believe it too
breath gets heavy
and ears dance with the shadows
I know what they hear
and now here words are clear
…until tomorrow
And I know
that the humming vibrations
are certain
but untrue
I know nothing of thoughts
or spoken musics or musings
Oh, but how I presume to think
what I know
is that you’re here
touching me
I feel YOU, not love.
But I long to say that I do.
I want to believe the lie
and want you to lie too
I can touch nothing truer
and nothing more pure I can feel
than your skin
And somehow
that’s enough for me
…for now
Until one of us decided
truth is no longer
more valuable than lies
that opposing loves do speak.
But… that all happened tomorrow.
Goodbye Tomorrow.
I will see you around.
This one here is beside me
and that’s well enough
for now.

…FUCK! I just want to scream it!

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