Text 27 Jun About You, you and I

You know
and everyone else
is too busy trying to
But You,
You understand
and you’re trying too
You speak,
no one else hears
You listen when no one else is speaking
but you-
You pull yourself to your feet
You admire from a distance
and You inspire as you are inspired-
You ARE inspired-
there is a courage within You that only you will know
You warm yourself and dance naked in the rain
stepping forward barefoot in the snow
You who steps up
You who stands down
You will never be wrong
You writhe
You caress
You choose to go on
You sing silently in your mind
and get tongue-tied when you talk
and You smile at your grimace when that happens
you’re confused
you understand
And I
can’t say I care-
I don’t want to
I’m too busy
I’m like them
I scoff
I laugh
I point incredulously
at you
I will never know You
I can’t honestly say I want to
I see you stand
I see you fall
I know your strength
I admire
and am inspired
I AM inspired
I share
and laugh
and play
with you
I hold you
I’m here all alone
right next to you-
We try so very hard to be
we speak and never listen
to You
we listen and never speak to anyone else
but You
and I
desperately want to be as one
and I wonder
how different any of Us really are
because as We
stretch out from a distance
We are inspired
by how they are inspired
and They
Truly ARE inspired…
I often wonder how different any of us really are.

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